iPieta: 3 Beautiful Prayers

Three Very Beautiful Prayers

(Pieta Prayer Book)

Which are very useful to a dying person, and should be prayed often as an act of mercy.

There once was a Pope in Rome who was surrounded by many sins. The Lord God struck him with a fatal illness. When he saw that he was dying he summoned Cardinals, Bishops and learned persons and said to them: “My dear friends! What comfort can you give me now that I must die, and when I deserve eternal damnation for my sins?” No one answered him. One of them, a pious curate named John, said: “Father, why do you doubt the Mercy of God?” The Pope replied: “What comfort can you give me now that I must die and fear that I’ll be damned for my sins?” John replied: “I’ll read three prayers over you; I hope, you’ll be comforted and that you’ll obtain Mercy from God.” The Pope was unable to say more. The curate and all those present knelt and said an Our Father, then the following prayers:

Prayer 1

Lord Jesus Christ! Thou Son of God and Son of the Virgin Mary, God and Man, Thou who in fear sweated blood for us on the Mount of Olives in order to bring peace, and to offer Thy Most Holy Death to God Thy Heavenly Father for the salvation of this dying person… If it be, however, that by his sins he merits eternal damnation, then may it be deflected from him. This, O Eternal Father through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Dear Son, Who liveth and reigneth in union with The Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen.

Prayer 2

Lord Jesus Christ! Thou who meekly died on the trunk of the Cross for us, submitting Thy Will completely to Thy Heavenly Father in order to bring peace and to offer Thy most Holy Death to Thy Heavenly Father in order to free…(this person)…and to hide from him what he has earned with his sins; grant this O Eternal Father! Through Our Lord Jesus Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee in union with the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen.

Prayer 3

Lord Jesus Christ! Thou Who remained silent to speak through the mouths of the Prophets; I have drawn Thee to me through Eternal Love, which love drew Thee from Heaven into the body of the Virgin, which love drew Thee from the body of the Virgin into the valley of this needful world, which Love kept Thee 33 years in this world, and as a sign of Great Love, Thou hast given Thy drink, as a sign of great love, Thou has consented to be a prisoner and to be led from one judge to another and as a sign of great love Thou has consented to be condemned to death, and hast consented to die and to be buried and truly rise, and appeared to Thy Holy Mother and all the Holy Apostles, and as a sign of great love Thou hast ascended, under Thy own strength and power, and sitteth at the right hand of God Thy heavenly Father, and Thou has sent Thy Holy Spirit into the heart of Thy Apostles and the hearts of all who hope and believe in Thee. Through Thy sign of Eternal love, open heaven today and take this dying person… and all his sins into the realm of Thy Heavenly Father, that he may reign with Thee now and forever. Amen.

Meanwhile the Pope died. The curate persevered to the third hour, then the Pope appeared to him in body and comforting him; his countenence as brilliant as the sun, his clothes as white as snow, and he said: “My dear brother! Whereas I was supposed to be a child of damnation I’ve become a child of happiness. As you recited the first prayer many of my sins fell from me as rain from Heaven, and as you recited the second Prayer I was purified, as a goldsmith purifies gold in a hot fire. I was still further purified as you recited the third prayer. Then I saw Heaven open and the Lord Jesus standing on the Right Hand of God the Father who said to me: “Come, all thy sins are forgiven thee, you’ll be and remain in the realm of My Father forever. Amen!”

With these words my soul separated from my body and the angels of God led it to Eternal Joy.

As the curate heard this he said: “O Holy Father! I can’t tell these things to anyone, for they won’t believe me.” Then the Pope said: “Truly I tell thee, the Angel of God stands with me and has written the prayers in letters of gold for the consolement of all sinners. If a person had committed all the sins in the world, but that the three prayers shall have been read (over him) at his end (death), all his sins will be forgiven him, even though his soul was supposed to suffer until the Last Judgement, it will be redeemed (freed).

The person who hears them read, he won’t die an unhappy death also in whose house they will be read. Therefore take these prayers and carry them into St. Peter’s Basilica and lay them in the Chapel named the Assumption of Mary, for certain consolation. The person who will be near death, who reads them or hears them read gains 400 years indulgence for the days he was supposed to suffer in Purgatory because of his guilt. Also who reads this prayer or hears it read, the hour of his death shall be revealed to him. Amen!



We all saw Kathleen Parker come unhinged at the Sara Palin nomination. Now she is attacking Glen Beck for being, too nice? too religious? Out here in uncool dummy-land we couldn’t  understand why being a happily married, pretty  mother of four female politician was so terrible. Now we are supposed to revile a happily married father ,devoted Mormon for telling everyone to pray and be honorable.

Kathleen Parker, Like Peggy Noonan, found out that she could no longer be conservative and cool. It was ok when the Republican elites had called a truce with the leftists in order to keep their perks and power in Washington DC. They were still tolerated at the club, at the PTA, at the cocktail parties, and whatever other social privileges they garnered from neutering themselves before the progressive elite. But the people they claimed to represent were becoming more and more vocal, more and more “American”, more and more patriotic, more and more embarrassing.

The last straw was the resounding cheer heard  across the nation for Sara Palin. They couldn’t stand it. It was so humiliating. Sara Palin committed the unforgivable sin of embarrassing them in front of their  peers. How could they vote for her and stay in “the club”? Impossible. They must attack and destroy the Sara Palins and Glen Becks of the world in order to stay in the good graces of the Keith Olbermanns of the world. Wow. What a trade off. They deserve each other.


My response to yet another idiot comment that “religion is the cause of all the evil in the world.” under the PJMedia article on the Glen Beck rally. Which is an encouraging article, by the way. I think Emily attended the rally. Cool! Link to article on rally with pictures here:


From: Mari Hobgood [mailto:hobgood@bellsouth.net]
Sent: Sunday, August 29, 2010 10:24 AM
To: ‘Mari Hobgood’
Subject: reply to stupid comment in PJmedia column comments

VIVO- ( in Spanish you would be not so “vivo”) Having had relatives who survived two communist revolutions, I can say without fear of contradiction that atheists live better in Christian societies than they do in atheist societies. Apart from the distinctions between the death tolls of Christian vs. atheist societies (Hitler-the church hating atheist- killed more people in his itty bitty lifetime than were killed in 800 years of Inquisition all over Europe).Read your history- the crusades were defensive wars, trying to stem the tide of Muslim invasion of Europe after they had allowed the Muslim to conquer all of Christian north Africa.  Also, during and after the fall of Rome it was Christians who invented hospitals, orphanages, charitable inns, and later, universities. Many of the first scientists were monks. Harvard and Yale were seminaries. Haven’t you ever noticed that the professors wear clerical robes at ceremonies? I wonder where that came from? The only thing atheists have contributed to the earth is mass murder on an unbelievable scale, before and after birth..

I direct your attention to the study mentioned in the following article, by a Chinese economist:http://blog.acton.org/archives/17578-cardinal-pell-on-global-warming-western-civilization.html. “Markets with Churches and Markets without Churches” for further evidence of the superiority of Christian-based societies.



or , as he so cleverly puts it, “the Obami”



…here is a widespread modern assumption that value judgments do not reflect any objective reality. For example, the authors of a textbook on English “for the upper forms of schools” tell their pupils that language as we use it involves continual “confusion” because, as they say, we often “appear to be saying something very important about something: and actually we are only saying something about our own feelings.” On this view, someone calling a waterfall “sublime” or calling his horse a “willing servant” is saying nothing about the waterfall or the horse, but “only” about his own emotions. One objection to this is that the authors fail to do what they might be expected to do – to discuss differences between good ways and bad ways to express emotions. What is worse is that they invariably approach feelings as being “only feelings”, thus breeding in their pupils a general contempt or suspicion toward sentiment. This may not be their intention: they “may be perfectly ready to admit that a good education should build some sentiments while destroying others.” However, “it is the ‘debunking’ side of their work, and this side alone, which will really tell.” Any success on the positive side is precluded by the modern “educational predicament”.  See more below…


We started Abolition this week. Lewis discusses a modern trend in education in which all meaning is to be literal and appeals to the heart are deemed manipulative. The irony is that the products of such an education are the most manipulated in history having been deprived of learning about the beautiful, the good, and the true.